Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Burning Fat

Fat is one of the three essential sources where we derive our energy, the other two being protein and carbohydrates.  Fat is the most energy dense of the three, packing 9 calories (or units of energy) per gram.  Protein and carbohydrates each have four calories per gram.

In addition to offering a great source of energy, fat also helps promote good health by allowing the body to make use of the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E & K).  Chylomicrons, which are special fat molecules, help to carry the vitamins into the blood stream after being absorbed into the lymphatic system.  Fat also plays a vital role in the health of the membrane of every cell in our body.

To get your body to burn fat, not only do you need a well balanced diet, but exercise and a proper amount of rest are also important.  As you increase your physical activity, you quickly burn off the carbohydrates in your system and then your body will begin to draw on the fat stores. 

Keep in mind, sleep is just as important as exercise.  Lack of sleep can lead to an increased stress level.  Increased stress will flood the body with a hormone called cortisol, preparing it for what is known as fight-or-flight action.  When cortisol is released, digestion stops and blood pressure rises.  If you maintain a high stress level, your body never has a chance to recuperate and you will not burn fat or lose weight.  A proper amount of sleep, along with adequate exercise is very beneficial. 

The type of exercise you involve yourself in will make a difference in how much fat your body will burn.  When you participate in cardiovascular exercises or fast-paced running, your body reaches first for carbohydrates to fuel the energy fires to keep you going.  Carbs are much easier for the body to convert than are fats.  When you slow the pace, however, the body draws more on the fat than on the carbs.  (Keep in mind though, no matter how much you work out – fast or slow – unless your calorie burn exceeds your calorie intake, you will not lose weight).  A good way to get the best of both worlds exercise-wise is to incorporate a mixture of low, medium and high intensity exercises into your workout. Mix strength moves with some high-energy, short bursts of cardio, and increase calorie burn by as much as 25%.  (a 45 minute workout can blast away about 320 calories.)  In doing so, you will be on your way to losing belly fat and acquiring a flat stomach.

Here’s a good flat stomach exercise:

Abdominal Hold – sit tall on the edge of a sturdy chair, place hands on the edge and point fingers towards the knees.  Tighten your abs raising toes 2-4” off the floor, while you lift your butt off the chair.  Hold position as long as possible, setting a goal of between 5-10 seconds.  Lower to sitting position & repeat.  Continue exercise for 1 minute. 



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fat Belly

There are many different reasons for a fat belly. For some people it is easy to lose belly fat for others not at all. Some immediately gain weight, others can eat whatever they like. Nevertheless, there are some factors which stronlgy influence the effectiveness of losing belly fat:  Lose Belly Fat

We're going to take a wild guess here, but if you didn't care about having a flat stomach, why would you still be reading this? Here is an important point: Liking your body and yourself as you are today is important! For your physical health and your happiness. If all day you are repeating to yourself that you are not okay, then you are doing more damage to yourself than any fat stomach ever will!  Following the three cornerstones above only makes sense if it's motivating to you and you feel good about yourself.  We feel that by sticking to a schedule and following our stomach flattening exercises you will indeed feel better, and have the nice benefit of owning a sexy stomach.

Stress might also be adding to your belly fat.  Are you often stressed? Over long periods of time?  Try to reduce this stress.

Get Healthy Again | Get Skinny

Hey guys, this post for whom you got unhealthy or unfit by a bad session, i meant those guys who weren't so much unhealthy in fact they're healthy and fit but by not keeping good habit or health activities for a particular time they got unhealthy.
Just like an athlete who got a vacation for 1 or 2 moths and he didn't did any exercises or he had bad foods, you can guess what would happen the athlete couldn't be so health so fit to continue his career, like a women who come to be an actress but she had to satisfy by being a model so in that stress she start to sniff glue or drink too much or not doing anything in home just eating fatty cheatoes or other fast food. Like a boy who got so much chocolates and cakes and other stuff to eat in Christmas and he finished all of them.

How To Get Skinny Again |  Image Credit : Dreamstime.comSo basically this is for whom who got fat or unfit or unhealthy by a bad time. So question is how to get healthy get fit and skinny again. Answer is a bit tricky.
If you're too fat your body and brain won't allow you to do hard exercises you can't do extreme exercise and get skinny again. its normal you shouldn't worry about that now be patient. What should you have to lose some pound you have to lose some weight that's necessary. So you mustn't eat junk food you can eat fruits vegetables and don't eat too much grains. You may take fast if you can if you do this for 4 or five days and do some lite exercise you'll definitely lose some weight. Now you can do some heavy exercises now you'll take 2 weeks to get healthy again. One way let me tell you, you may also know that heavy exercise are so boring, nobody like to do those heavy boring exercises nobody wanna jog or run so long nobody feels good or happy or smile during doing those exercises. One should enjoy what he/she its so important so instead of doing those boring exercise we gonna do something different. As we all know that's power sport like football, soccer, and basketball can burn your lotta fat and it can make you healthy and fit also you won't get boring while playing these sports i recommended you to play soccer because you'll never know that you have already run alot miles already that a great game and exercise to do if you don't have a soccer team you can play freestyle soccer. If you don't know whats freestyle soccer search it in youtube and watch some vids. So all in one you should enjoy your exercises and enjoy whatever you doing.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post. I'll see you next time . I love you . Take care


Monday, October 3, 2011

[How To] Get a Flat Stomach & Toned Muscle

Hi Guys, Today i'm writing this post the reason of this post is everyone want to have a flat stomach everyone wanna be beautiful or handsome and flat abs are sign of super health.
If you do have bulge in your middle section then you must read this post. In this post i'm gonna give you some tips about how to get flat abs in quicker way and easier one also.

Flat Beautiful Stomach | Image credit: shutterstock.comExercises:
So let me start with exercises many people wrongly believe that abs-crunches are best exercise to get flat stomach, but according to me its worst you may notice that if you do 100 or more crunches without stopping you may have a pot belly its look so ugly and same happens with sit-ups. You may now thinking that which is best exercise to get flat stomach, let me tell you that you can't only lose weight from a particular part of your body its not possible you can't say oh my Thai are so fat i wanna lose weight there oh my chest is flabby i wanna lose weight there its not gonna work. What you can do that you can tone up your whole body not a particular part.
Skipping : skipping is a great exercise to be fit and toned. This exercise makes you alive makes you energetic and gives you so much power. Skipping is not boring exercise you can have fun while doing this you can challenge your friend that you're much better than he/she in skipping and you can constantly do more and more skips day by day and your body would more and more toned so all in one skipping is not boring exercise and its tone your whole body up. Try it. it's fun.
Weight lifting : This is most powerful exercise in order to get a flat tummy. This exercise is a bit boring but you can try it and one more thing don't lift weight with your both hands and don't sit or let your body relaxed while lifting weight stand up while doing this exercise.
Running : Its most important one i know running is so boring so instead of running you can play soccer or football you'll lose same or more amount of weight and fat while playing these games and there ain't any boredom so go for soccer or football.
Stretching : The more you stretch your body more you'll flexible. Cheerleaders and gymnast are not different magical creature they got same body as we got but they did so much experiment with their bodies they did so much stretching and exercises and eventually they are so beautiful and flexible they can do many thing which we can't. So you should also experiment with your body don't care about pain just go and stretch.
And now let go to Diet.
Diet is very basic and important in order to get flat stomach so lets start.
First you shouldn't eat too much and shouldn't sleep too much also. Don't take two or three heavy meals take 4 or 5 or 6 lite meals. Drinks lotta water drink as much water as you can. Try to take fast in a week and only drink juice of fruits or vegetable during fast. Don't eat much grain try to eat fruits and vegetables. And also eat almonds, almonds are so effective for losing fat.
Never eat fast food and choose your diet wisely.
Okay I'll be back with more information on this topic.
Alright chu guys i see you next time. i luv you bye, and leave your comment about your experience i need  them and suggest me anything you want..... bye

Get Flat Stomach Fast

Today, Everyone want to get a flat stomach, flat stomach is sign of beauty and great health both.
Unfortunately 2 out of 10 girls got a flat belly, and i have got so many e-nails asking question how to get a flat stomach so finally i decided to create a blog post about flat stomach i'll write bunch of post in future for same topic how to get flat stomach and process of achieving a flat belly.
Having a flat belly is one of the great success and your health matters we must understand that why people are getting failure to achieve this task. A majority of people could not achieve flat stomach. Why? We must understand. Well it's really not easy to get flat stomach although it's not impossible to there's few people but they are who got flat stomach by strong determination and hard work. We should follow them we should do what they did and we should encourage ourselves that we also can get a flat stomach.
Major causes of failure
Too Hard to Do - well we sometimes make it too difficult for ourselves. We make our task to tough to follow that's makes us getting fail to do and discourage us finally we quit it. So instead of making it tough we must start this process slowly like a train leave from station and then constantly raise our speed.Long Term Goal I can't Even See the Results - We fix our goal for so long time like we decide i'll lose 10 pound in one year, well that makes us little bit careless like we always thought i've 1 year to make it up i'll do later and in the end we got fail again. So instead of doing that we can always set short term goals like i've decide that i'll lose 1 pound in 1 month that's make us see the result more fast more quickly.Okay i think i've talked enough i'll see you all guys next time don't forget i love you all. This post was about Getting Flatten Stomach Fast So Get Ready To

As Fast as you Can.


Some Quick Tips To Help You Get a Flat Stomach

Hey everybody! Just a quick note with a few tips you can start employing now to help you get lean and in shape. Follow these steps below and you can easily get a flat stomach:

1. The first thing to do is eat smaller meals more often – Have 5 to 6 small meals a day rather than 3 large meals. This will boost your body’s metabolic process and you will burn more calories doing the same regular activities. Never go on a fast – this will only slow down your metabolism.

2. Clean out your refrigerator and cupboards – Clear all stocks of food that contain excess fat or bad carbohydrate sources; especially junk food, pop, and candy that add excess calories to your diet.

3. Drink a lot of water – Water has no calories but it does help in filling your stomach. Remember to drink a glass of water before meals as this will allow you to eat less food to feel satisfied. Drinking water throughout the day will keep your body free from toxins and give you a healthy skin and hair.

4. Interval Training – That is train hard for a few minutes, train in a relaxed manner for a few minutes, then repeat. An example of interval training is to run fast or sprint for five minutes, jog or walk for ten minutes and then repeat. When you do this for about half an hour, it tricks your body and boosts your metabolism tremendously.

5. Remember that small things add up – Climb stairs instead of taking the elevator, walk or ride your bike to the store instead of driving. In short, by keeping yourself busy and active throughout the day, you will burn more calories which will help fight belly fat. Ay the end of a week or month you will have lost a few extra pounds by making some small lifestyle changes.

Getting a perfect flat stomach depends on how much fat you have before you begin but also the amount of effort and dedication you are willing to give your fitness program. If you start following the above stomach flattening tips, I can guarantee you will start seeing results quickly. Be sure to check your weight and measure your waistline before you start implementing the tips so your improvements will motivate you in attaining a perfect flat stomach.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Get Flat Stomach

Flat Stomach ... Sign of beauty and healthy life style there's no one who don't wish to get a flat stomach. Unfortunately only 2 out of 10 girls got a flat belly and other eight are struggling to get a flat stomach anyhow and quickly as possible.
If you are belonging in those eight then you must read this blog post and follow my instructions as given.
In this post I'll give you some amazing facts to get achieved flat stomach fast.
There are two way to get your stomach flatten.

Get Flat Stomach by DietGet Flat Stomach by Exercise

Diet : Now let's start with diet, you must remove those food from your diet which consist so much fat protein and carbohydrate and you should add food which are good source of fiber.
Let's Start You must try to drink car much water as you can. By drinking water your body will get enough moist to create a chemical reaction drinking water can also make you healthy and can give you lot of energy and freshness whole day.
Dry fruits are very good in the way of losing fat and getting flat stomach you should have a handful of almonds pee nuts and some other dry fruits that can boost your metabolism and cut off and reduce the unwanted fat.
3. Acai Berry.
Acai berry are very good in order to lose fat, many movie stars are using acai berry it's most popular and fastest way to lose fat so you can order for this health ingredients today.
Try to have some spicy and acidic food these food can burn your fat this is proven that spicy and acidic food can burn unwanted fat of your abdomen. You should have some acidic food like lemon, tomato you can also find some more fruits like that and make juice from them and enjoy fat losing.
You must have more fruits and vegetables instead of grains. Because grains consist so much fat, carbohydrate and protein but fruits and vegetables don't consist these unwanted fat and all but they are good source of fiber which is helpful to get flat stomach.
Alright now you should follow above instruction in order to get a flat stomach.
Now let move to Exercises
You must run a lot if you wish to get a flat beautiful belly i know just running is boring as hell but you can make it enjoyable you should try to play Basketball, Soccer, Football or Tennis by playing this games you'll run a lot without notifying yourself and without getting bored. You should also go for logging at morning at park or elsewhere.
Ab-crunches is key exercise to get flat stomach you must do this exercise a lot this exercise is very very useful to get beautiful flat Stomach.
Normally your belly never get a job to do unless just storing food but in ab crunches your stomach have to do so much work that makes your abs stronger, beautiful and flat.
Well sit-ups exercises are not that power full but you should also try this cause it will help you little bit not so many but you can do at least 50 sit-ups in a day.
Yeah this is also very powerful exercise to get flat stomach and get more stamina to do other exercises longer, skipping is not a boring exercise so you can achieve your flat abs goal easily by using this exercise.
Push-ups is also a great and useful exercise to get flat stomach.
I hope you'll follow this and sooner get Flat Stomach.


Will Flat Stomach Exercises Get You a Six Pack?

 I don’t think anyone can argue that a flat stomach for most is as desirable as striking the lucky lotto numbers. But the question is – do flat stomach exercises actually work in achieving the chiseled look that we so desperately try to achieve? Everywhere you look on the internet there is a new belly blaster gadget that promises to teach you how to get a six pack in 6 minutes a day. These gimmicks have been around ever since marketers began to realize how massive the fitness industry is. Let me tell you right now – these items DO NOT WORK! 

The problem with exercising is this – it’s just exercising! You can do flat stomach exercises until you are depleted and frustrated on a daily basis and still never achieve the results you desire. There is no crunch or variation of any abs exercising that will get rid of belly fat and produce a toned look. The key to getting a flat stomach is a combination of things starting with YOU living a healthy active lifestyle that is nutrition conscious and goal oriented. Society has finally caught on (I think) to the fact that proper DIET accounts to 75% of your success in any weight loss program. The remaining 25% can be divided into two major subgroups – exercising and genetics. Of course there are other variables which will affect the rate at which you gain or lose weight such as sleep (or lack thereof) and even stress, but the majority is diet.

The single biggest factor that helps people lose stomach fat is their ability to stay motivated towards their goals. If you hang out with slobs who watch TV all day, smoke a pack of cigarettes and couldn’t make it around the block if their life depended on it, then guess what – you will become one of them. Now I’m not saying that everyone in your life has to be a fitness freak, but it’s good to surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

It hasn’t been until recently that you could actually find a support group on-line which can help keep you motivated, provide you with the nutritional information you require and give you the inside scoop on which exercises will actually benefit you the most on your proverbial quest to become lean. No combination of flat stomach exercises will ever produce results that you will be happy with. You need a total body transformation program designed by professionals and tailored to fit your specific needs.

The answer is Motivate Fitness. They have changed the lives of hundreds of people and if you let them, they will change yours too.



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Best Way To Learn-How to Get a Flat Stomach?

Do you want to get a flat stomach ? Either you are a beginner or trying to burn stomach fat since a long time , in both cases you need to know the methods which actually works.  No matters,  you are a woman or man, you can do it by following some simple and effective tips on this blog . I know exactly how you can get a flat stomach, follow this real method to learn how to get a flat stomach?

Well, here on my blog, I am writing down all the tips for burn belly and body fat. Before I start let me tell you a socking truth. Yes, shocking, if you are not able to get a flat stomach or see those abs then you probably making the biggest mistake similar to other people those have been doing this over time and time again. Remember getting flat stomach or six pack abs is all about getting down to overall body fat percentage. Generally people, keep focusing on training their abs or stomach to see results fast and that’s why they failed to see effective results. Cardio and abs exercises can create an over training effect and these are least effective as well.I know most of people don’t agree with me or either you are also feeling it somehow strange but let me tell you there are a loads of confusions exist in fat lose market. But the fact ,I am talking about has been proved already by #1 program on internet for flat stomach. A really simple, quick and safe way that may surprise you by results, watch free presentation for more tips.

To get a flat stomach, there are many factors those may effect your results. Like diet, workouts, exercises and many more things, keep reading further to learn, how to get a flat stomach?

3 major things you suppose to focus on?

1-A perfect Diet: The diet, which you would have been taking, either help you to lose belly fat or make it harder. Make sure that you are not taking an empty and useless calories diet which would quickly convert to fat.

The more lean body you carry the more control you have you metabolism. Think fiber, I mean, try to gain most of your carbohydrates from fiber sources. I would recommend taking a “healthy diet”. Please don’t consider those crap traditional e-books by my word ‘healthy diet’. Anything ‘high’ or ‘low’ preserve like ‘high protein’ or ‘low carb’ diet don’t work either. Balance is the key of success so try to make your diet balance.

2-Your Workout: Your workout is also a major factor to get results fast. Your workout and exercise should focus on working of large muscles aria with high intensity. That would make sure that you are getting more fast effect to lose overall body fat so for your stomach.

3-Exercises: Yes, however most traditional exercises would work for you .But if you are just a beginner then I can be hard to do these ‘hard to do’ exercise .however there are so many batter exercise, which also work very fine and would work on your entire body including your stomach.

Hope these tips can help you to reduce some weight from your belly. However if you need to get more tips and really wish for get a flat stomach then I would love to recommend this #1 program on the internet for learn how to get a flat stomach fast?

View the original article here

Burn Belly Fat-Make it More Easy and See Abs Soon

If you are still not getting the quickest way for burn belly fat then you suppose to follow given steps Without a professional guide line its seems bit hard to beat this situation. If you just a beginner then probably you need a quality burn belly fat program .Fortunately ,now you don’t need to go with those crap programs available because this time you would get sure result. Visit the following #1 program on the internet for burn belly fat.
Well, there are main 2 factor which mainly affect speed of your weight lose, what are they?
1-Deit: Diet is king! , Yes, most typical diets don’t work at all. You need a balanced diet for getting faster results. There are many crap e-books you can find for anything “high” or “low” based diet. For some time, you can also believe that those are best diet for you, but they are not!
2-Your Exercises and workouts: yes, this part always have value since  in order to get a flat belly you need get down  with over all body  fat percentage. Or you can say you need to be actually lean and it is not always an easy task. You require some really effective exercises and workouts .Probably in first eye you might consider to typical cardio and crunches or sit-ups .You need something more effective and working for this time. Your exercises suppose to be focus on large muscles aria for getting lower down for with over all fat.
Most of the peoples ,those have been trying for getting a flat stomach since last couple of days and months and still not finding a right solution then probably they are making some mistakes. Some of facts, which are really shocking can tell you, why you are not as successful for losing belly fat as you suppose to be. See this free presentation for get some wired tips for lose stomach fat and some shocking truths.

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Flat Stomach Diet

When I asked my fitness expert about the most significant factor that helps most to get a flat stomach then he replied:”Diet is The King”.

Yes, true, your diet is always most challenging part while you are seeking for the suitable way for burn belly fat. As flat stomach diets is important so natural, there are several myth exists also. Most of the people and diet nutrition’s consider a traditional “high”  or “Low “ preserve diet as a healthy diet but it is not so and that’s why 95% of people failed for getting flatter stomach. No matters, you are a man or woman, for getting quick results you need to consider actual effective diet plan. I hope  this recommend site can help you to know some really shocking truths about foods that actually tummy fat.

Your diet suppose to be healthy and balanced .Not consider my word in a wrong way because as I have already mentioned that any thing “high Protein “or “low Carb” etc won’t work for you. Make sure you aren’t taking such diet .balance is the key so for getting real success, have a diet contain nutrient dense foods (In their Natural State)

For choosing a batter diet I am writing down a few quick tips for you, consider them seriously and get result faster.

1-     Use a diet with enough protein in daily life, by doing so you can have higher thermic effect than carbs. And would help you to burn more calories.

2-     Make sure that most the carbohydrate you gain daily ,is from the fiber sources like ike vegetables, fruits, and high fiber unrefined grains and other.As its also shows batter glycemic response for the food you eat.

3-     Try to avoid refined grains and refined sugar.

4-     Anything contain Fructose Corn Syrup suppose to be also avoided because blood sugar get converted in too fat.


Flat Stomach Diet

There are hundreds if not thousands of diets out there, but is it the right way?

First of all, crash diets can be harmful to your body and health and you will not reach your goal with it.

Second, with many diets you may loose in fact fat, but as soon you stop dieting you will gain weight again. And so you look for the next diet etc. You start out losing some weight by starving yourself and depriving your body of the foods he needs and you stop eating at all what you really like. After a while, when you lost some weight, you are happy and you go back to eat as you have eaten before. Within no time you will have your initial weight again.

Also possible, because your diet does not allow you to eat anything you like, you will soon be tired of it and will also go back to the old ways of eating.

Does this sound familiar to you?

So, what can be done about it?

If you want to lose weight, let's drop the dieting and move forward to change your eating habits. Changing your eating habits means to adapt new eating habits, which means that you make long term decisions how you will eat in the future:

Remove some foods from your menu planAdd other foods to your menu plan


Check out our healthy meal plan to get some tipps what you could eat to lose fat permanently.

Changing eating habits means also to change how you eat. Eating is also a social event, eating is forgetting for a moment all about work and hectic life, take this opportunity to calm down. Check out healthy eating for more information.

And you are on the best way to a flat stomach, because this is a permanent change and your weight will not go up-and-down all the time. Beside losing weight, you will also feel yourself much better.

Changing eating habits does not mean that you never again eat those fine chocolate cakes, not at all. If most of the time you eat healthy it is no problem at all from time to time eat that chocola


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Effective Flat Stomach Workout for Quick results

To get a flat stomach or  burn belly fat, we need to make sure that we are doing workout, those are much effective, have high intensity and should work on larger muscles aria. Our regular flat stomach workout are also a major factor for burn belly fat .It should be metabolism boosting so you can get down with overall body fat in order to get a perfect shape stomach. It has been proved already that workout those focus on big muscles aria and have intensity can work more effectively for burn fat from your belly and body both. Watch free presentation for weird tips to lose your stomach fat for man and woman and confirm my statement more.

Increasing intensity is very significant while you are doing regular workouts. This can ensure that your muscles are working harder and creating an oxygen debt in muscles. When there is a decrease in the amount of oxygen in muscles then your body would work harder to supply oxygen to muscles and clear out the carbon dioxide and lactic acid from the muscles.

This increased activities cause of these regular workouts would force your body to remain active to replenish and repair the muscles. That can increase your metabolism activities and burn more calories from the body. All you need to burn fat from your stomach.

Interval training is a very effective way to increase your metabolism activity in body. Training your body with exercise that has short rest periods with short burst would help you to increase the speed of burning fat.

there are so many  effective workouts as well, those can be so effective in order to get a flat stomach. If you really wish for get a flat belly then by using simple and effective workout (those actually work), it can be so simple. Just you need a right guideline. Fortunately now you have a change to burn belly fat with world’s #1 program on the internet for burn stomach fat, check here their official website.

View the original article here

Reasons That You Have Excess Stomach Fat

You have excess stomach fat and now you want to get rid from it. Before you move any further to get a flat stomach, you need to know why 90% of over all people fail to get rid from the excess stomach fat. Below I will show you some facts those have been actually proved by World’s #1 program for getting a flat stomach.Thousands of people worldwide have been satisfied with them and numbers still increasing daily (Click Here to Visit Their Official Site) and start burning stomach fat right away.

Main Reason: Diet Industry wants you to stay fat for long

Probably you don’t know that the information you would be getting until today from health diet magazine and from dieting experts is the bad information and probably diet industry want you to stay fat for long since they don’t see you as a customer .they need only $$$ from you to maintain their profits  .

Below :You’ll See the real working diet which actually burn fat not some water which you would regain after some time.

Proved, natural and effective method to obtain a flat stomach –Click here for more info

Other FACT #1: Repetitive Cardio Exercises

Forget about repetitive cardio exercise because these are not the best way to get a flat stomach or uncover your abs.

BELOW: You will see the most effective exercise .You can actually burn and melt-up 10 x more stomach fat than a normal boring long repetitive cardio exercise.

FACT #2: Crunches & Sit-Ups –Least Effective Exercises

Exercises for abs such crunches, sit-up and Ab machines are in reality least effective way to getting flat six pack abs.

BELOW: you will see the most effective excises for a flat stomach

Fact #3: Cleverly Disguised ‘Health Foods’

Many so called ‘health food’ are cleverly disguised junk foods totally. So it can stimulate you to gain more stomach fat instead of burning some. And diet food marketing still promoting such food to make more $$$

BELOW: You will see some popular so called ‘healthy food’ on the market that might actually helps you gaining weight in spite of losing.It is also necessary to know about them so you can avoid them while doing your diet.

FACT #4: Weight Loss Pills =Not Effective

Don’t spend your money for buying weight lose pills and supplements .They won’t get result as they promise .You might have many side effects as well.

BELOW: You will see most powerful foods that actually burn stomach fat

FACT #5: Ab Belts / Rockers /Loungers –Stay away for all scams!

Yes, these gadgets and other infomercial ab-gimmicks are only waste your time

The models using these products did not get slim by using these gadgets. They use real methods and workouts for getting slim

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Top Flat Stomach Exercises For burn belly Fat

Today, I will share with you my top 3 flat stomach exercises. You can use these exercises for burn your belly fat and flatter your abs. All of these exercises not only target specifically on your abs but also on your other big muscles body parts, in order to get you lower down  with overall fat percentage of body. Yes, for get a flat stomach you need to make sure that you lose appropriately fat from your body. There are several mistakes people do including this one because most of the people focus on the exercise which only train your stomach .

Well, here we go, my top 3 exercise for you, I hope you would enjoy them and soon see some great effect for lose fat from belly.

The squat –I love this one because its massive. I have no doubt that squats burn a ton of calories off your entire body. Gets your body into the workout mode and feel the tremble in your feet with the effort. Its accelerate your heart rate .So a few sets of this and you would be of to a terrific workout.

2- Lying Tricep Extension-you need to lie on a bench or floor. Take a dumbbell in both hands. Put your hand on side of your head so your elbows bent naturally. Now make straight your arms upward without affecting your elbows too much. Make sure you are moving both arms in order to maintain stability. I must say, it’s a crazy performing exercise.

3-Mountain climbers –this is cardio and straight workout mixture. You stand like if you for pushup. But one knee bent and closer to your chest. Then you need to switch knee quickly, bring once toward to your chest while stretching another leg behind you.

Well, after doing these exercises, I am quite sure that you can see how much effective these stuffs are?

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Personal Training Secrets To Lose Belly Fat and Get a Flat Stomach

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Six Pack Secrets Revealed

Learn the secret to losing belly fat fast and getting the flat stomach you always wanted. How to get six pack abs quickly and lose belly fat the right way with

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10 Minute Flat Stomach Workout

With constant challenges, clever workouts and healthy eating you can easily get a flat stomach. Here is a quick 10 Minute Flat Stomach Workout I have devised for when you are short of time. Alternatively you could add this 10 minute session to your normal workouts as a great warm up or cool down exercise.
Exercise 1: Squats
While standing extend your arms out, parallel to the ground while flexing your triceps. Then, initiate a squat from your hips by sitting back and down keeping the weight on your heels as opposed to the balls of your feet. Squat down to a position where your thighs are approximately parallel to the ground, then return up to the starting position. Complete 10 to 20 reps.
Check out this article for a full description on the squat.
Exercise 2: Plank Push-Ups
Begin in a push up position but with your elbows on the ground and resting on your forearms. Your elbows should be bent at a 90 degree angle. Push off the ground with one arm and then the next. Squeeze your abs as you push up. You should be lifting yourself up to a fully extended push up position. Lower back down to the starting position and repeat, this time leading with the opposite arm. Aim to not let your back sag down towards the ground. Complete 10 to 20 reps.

Exercise 3: Walking Lunges
Start with your feet at shoulder width apart. While maintaining a straight line, stride forward with your right leg and land with your left toes just touching the ground, your left heel should be raised. Once your right foot lands, allow your left knee to fall down to the ground. Push back up with your right leg and then repeat on the other side. You should try form a consistent rhythm, just stopping the lunge and pushing back up before your knee hits the ground. Complete 20 repetitions.

Exercise 4: Bent Over Rows
For this exercise you need a barbell, workout bag or you could use dumbbells. Use a medium weight on the bar and grip the bar a little wider than a shoulder width apart. Stand up straight, pull your shoulder blades down, keep your head straight and contract your abdominals. Slowly bend forward, keeping your back straight and pushing your hips out, stop when your chest is almost parallel with the floor. Pull the bar into your chest keeping your elbows out to the sides. Exhale as you lift, inhale as you lower the bar down. Gently return to a standing position. Complete 2 sets of 12 reps.

Exercise 5: The Sprinter
The sprinter is very similar to the bicycle crunch except that the hands are not behind the head, rather positioned in a sprinting motion and you sit up higher with the sprinter.
Lie down on your back, making sure your back is firmly against the floor. Lie down flat but keep your heels hovering about 6 inches off the ground. Crunch up and bring your left arm up with the elbow bent to resemble a sprinters motion. At the top of the crunch bring your right knee into your chest. Repeat for the other side of the body and do 20 reps.
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