Friday, September 30, 2011

Flat Stomach Diet

There are hundreds if not thousands of diets out there, but is it the right way?

First of all, crash diets can be harmful to your body and health and you will not reach your goal with it.

Second, with many diets you may loose in fact fat, but as soon you stop dieting you will gain weight again. And so you look for the next diet etc. You start out losing some weight by starving yourself and depriving your body of the foods he needs and you stop eating at all what you really like. After a while, when you lost some weight, you are happy and you go back to eat as you have eaten before. Within no time you will have your initial weight again.

Also possible, because your diet does not allow you to eat anything you like, you will soon be tired of it and will also go back to the old ways of eating.

Does this sound familiar to you?

So, what can be done about it?

If you want to lose weight, let's drop the dieting and move forward to change your eating habits. Changing your eating habits means to adapt new eating habits, which means that you make long term decisions how you will eat in the future:

Remove some foods from your menu planAdd other foods to your menu plan


Check out our healthy meal plan to get some tipps what you could eat to lose fat permanently.

Changing eating habits means also to change how you eat. Eating is also a social event, eating is forgetting for a moment all about work and hectic life, take this opportunity to calm down. Check out healthy eating for more information.

And you are on the best way to a flat stomach, because this is a permanent change and your weight will not go up-and-down all the time. Beside losing weight, you will also feel yourself much better.

Changing eating habits does not mean that you never again eat those fine chocolate cakes, not at all. If most of the time you eat healthy it is no problem at all from time to time eat that chocola


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