Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reasons That You Have Excess Stomach Fat

You have excess stomach fat and now you want to get rid from it. Before you move any further to get a flat stomach, you need to know why 90% of over all people fail to get rid from the excess stomach fat. Below I will show you some facts those have been actually proved by World’s #1 program for getting a flat stomach.Thousands of people worldwide have been satisfied with them and numbers still increasing daily (Click Here to Visit Their Official Site) and start burning stomach fat right away.

Main Reason: Diet Industry wants you to stay fat for long

Probably you don’t know that the information you would be getting until today from health diet magazine and from dieting experts is the bad information and probably diet industry want you to stay fat for long since they don’t see you as a customer .they need only $$$ from you to maintain their profits  .

Below :You’ll See the real working diet which actually burn fat not some water which you would regain after some time.

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Other FACT #1: Repetitive Cardio Exercises

Forget about repetitive cardio exercise because these are not the best way to get a flat stomach or uncover your abs.

BELOW: You will see the most effective exercise .You can actually burn and melt-up 10 x more stomach fat than a normal boring long repetitive cardio exercise.

FACT #2: Crunches & Sit-Ups –Least Effective Exercises

Exercises for abs such crunches, sit-up and Ab machines are in reality least effective way to getting flat six pack abs.

BELOW: you will see the most effective excises for a flat stomach

Fact #3: Cleverly Disguised ‘Health Foods’

Many so called ‘health food’ are cleverly disguised junk foods totally. So it can stimulate you to gain more stomach fat instead of burning some. And diet food marketing still promoting such food to make more $$$

BELOW: You will see some popular so called ‘healthy food’ on the market that might actually helps you gaining weight in spite of losing.It is also necessary to know about them so you can avoid them while doing your diet.

FACT #4: Weight Loss Pills =Not Effective

Don’t spend your money for buying weight lose pills and supplements .They won’t get result as they promise .You might have many side effects as well.

BELOW: You will see most powerful foods that actually burn stomach fat

FACT #5: Ab Belts / Rockers /Loungers –Stay away for all scams!

Yes, these gadgets and other infomercial ab-gimmicks are only waste your time

The models using these products did not get slim by using these gadgets. They use real methods and workouts for getting slim

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