Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fat Belly

There are many different reasons for a fat belly. For some people it is easy to lose belly fat for others not at all. Some immediately gain weight, others can eat whatever they like. Nevertheless, there are some factors which stronlgy influence the effectiveness of losing belly fat:  Lose Belly Fat

We're going to take a wild guess here, but if you didn't care about having a flat stomach, why would you still be reading this? Here is an important point: Liking your body and yourself as you are today is important! For your physical health and your happiness. If all day you are repeating to yourself that you are not okay, then you are doing more damage to yourself than any fat stomach ever will!  Following the three cornerstones above only makes sense if it's motivating to you and you feel good about yourself.  We feel that by sticking to a schedule and following our stomach flattening exercises you will indeed feel better, and have the nice benefit of owning a sexy stomach.

Stress might also be adding to your belly fat.  Are you often stressed? Over long periods of time?  Try to reduce this stress.

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