Monday, October 3, 2011

[How To] Get a Flat Stomach & Toned Muscle

Hi Guys, Today i'm writing this post the reason of this post is everyone want to have a flat stomach everyone wanna be beautiful or handsome and flat abs are sign of super health.
If you do have bulge in your middle section then you must read this post. In this post i'm gonna give you some tips about how to get flat abs in quicker way and easier one also.

Flat Beautiful Stomach | Image credit: shutterstock.comExercises:
So let me start with exercises many people wrongly believe that abs-crunches are best exercise to get flat stomach, but according to me its worst you may notice that if you do 100 or more crunches without stopping you may have a pot belly its look so ugly and same happens with sit-ups. You may now thinking that which is best exercise to get flat stomach, let me tell you that you can't only lose weight from a particular part of your body its not possible you can't say oh my Thai are so fat i wanna lose weight there oh my chest is flabby i wanna lose weight there its not gonna work. What you can do that you can tone up your whole body not a particular part.
Skipping : skipping is a great exercise to be fit and toned. This exercise makes you alive makes you energetic and gives you so much power. Skipping is not boring exercise you can have fun while doing this you can challenge your friend that you're much better than he/she in skipping and you can constantly do more and more skips day by day and your body would more and more toned so all in one skipping is not boring exercise and its tone your whole body up. Try it. it's fun.
Weight lifting : This is most powerful exercise in order to get a flat tummy. This exercise is a bit boring but you can try it and one more thing don't lift weight with your both hands and don't sit or let your body relaxed while lifting weight stand up while doing this exercise.
Running : Its most important one i know running is so boring so instead of running you can play soccer or football you'll lose same or more amount of weight and fat while playing these games and there ain't any boredom so go for soccer or football.
Stretching : The more you stretch your body more you'll flexible. Cheerleaders and gymnast are not different magical creature they got same body as we got but they did so much experiment with their bodies they did so much stretching and exercises and eventually they are so beautiful and flexible they can do many thing which we can't. So you should also experiment with your body don't care about pain just go and stretch.
And now let go to Diet.
Diet is very basic and important in order to get flat stomach so lets start.
First you shouldn't eat too much and shouldn't sleep too much also. Don't take two or three heavy meals take 4 or 5 or 6 lite meals. Drinks lotta water drink as much water as you can. Try to take fast in a week and only drink juice of fruits or vegetable during fast. Don't eat much grain try to eat fruits and vegetables. And also eat almonds, almonds are so effective for losing fat.
Never eat fast food and choose your diet wisely.
Okay I'll be back with more information on this topic.
Alright chu guys i see you next time. i luv you bye, and leave your comment about your experience i need  them and suggest me anything you want..... bye

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