Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Get Healthy Again | Get Skinny

Hey guys, this post for whom you got unhealthy or unfit by a bad session, i meant those guys who weren't so much unhealthy in fact they're healthy and fit but by not keeping good habit or health activities for a particular time they got unhealthy.
Just like an athlete who got a vacation for 1 or 2 moths and he didn't did any exercises or he had bad foods, you can guess what would happen the athlete couldn't be so health so fit to continue his career, like a women who come to be an actress but she had to satisfy by being a model so in that stress she start to sniff glue or drink too much or not doing anything in home just eating fatty cheatoes or other fast food. Like a boy who got so much chocolates and cakes and other stuff to eat in Christmas and he finished all of them.

How To Get Skinny Again |  Image Credit : Dreamstime.comSo basically this is for whom who got fat or unfit or unhealthy by a bad time. So question is how to get healthy get fit and skinny again. Answer is a bit tricky.
If you're too fat your body and brain won't allow you to do hard exercises you can't do extreme exercise and get skinny again. its normal you shouldn't worry about that now be patient. What should you have to lose some pound you have to lose some weight that's necessary. So you mustn't eat junk food you can eat fruits vegetables and don't eat too much grains. You may take fast if you can if you do this for 4 or five days and do some lite exercise you'll definitely lose some weight. Now you can do some heavy exercises now you'll take 2 weeks to get healthy again. One way let me tell you, you may also know that heavy exercise are so boring, nobody like to do those heavy boring exercises nobody wanna jog or run so long nobody feels good or happy or smile during doing those exercises. One should enjoy what he/she its so important so instead of doing those boring exercise we gonna do something different. As we all know that's power sport like football, soccer, and basketball can burn your lotta fat and it can make you healthy and fit also you won't get boring while playing these sports i recommended you to play soccer because you'll never know that you have already run alot miles already that a great game and exercise to do if you don't have a soccer team you can play freestyle soccer. If you don't know whats freestyle soccer search it in youtube and watch some vids. So all in one you should enjoy your exercises and enjoy whatever you doing.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post. I'll see you next time . I love you . Take care


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