Sunday, October 2, 2011

Get Flat Stomach

Flat Stomach ... Sign of beauty and healthy life style there's no one who don't wish to get a flat stomach. Unfortunately only 2 out of 10 girls got a flat belly and other eight are struggling to get a flat stomach anyhow and quickly as possible.
If you are belonging in those eight then you must read this blog post and follow my instructions as given.
In this post I'll give you some amazing facts to get achieved flat stomach fast.
There are two way to get your stomach flatten.

Get Flat Stomach by DietGet Flat Stomach by Exercise

Diet : Now let's start with diet, you must remove those food from your diet which consist so much fat protein and carbohydrate and you should add food which are good source of fiber.
Let's Start You must try to drink car much water as you can. By drinking water your body will get enough moist to create a chemical reaction drinking water can also make you healthy and can give you lot of energy and freshness whole day.
Dry fruits are very good in the way of losing fat and getting flat stomach you should have a handful of almonds pee nuts and some other dry fruits that can boost your metabolism and cut off and reduce the unwanted fat.
3. Acai Berry.
Acai berry are very good in order to lose fat, many movie stars are using acai berry it's most popular and fastest way to lose fat so you can order for this health ingredients today.
Try to have some spicy and acidic food these food can burn your fat this is proven that spicy and acidic food can burn unwanted fat of your abdomen. You should have some acidic food like lemon, tomato you can also find some more fruits like that and make juice from them and enjoy fat losing.
You must have more fruits and vegetables instead of grains. Because grains consist so much fat, carbohydrate and protein but fruits and vegetables don't consist these unwanted fat and all but they are good source of fiber which is helpful to get flat stomach.
Alright now you should follow above instruction in order to get a flat stomach.
Now let move to Exercises
You must run a lot if you wish to get a flat beautiful belly i know just running is boring as hell but you can make it enjoyable you should try to play Basketball, Soccer, Football or Tennis by playing this games you'll run a lot without notifying yourself and without getting bored. You should also go for logging at morning at park or elsewhere.
Ab-crunches is key exercise to get flat stomach you must do this exercise a lot this exercise is very very useful to get beautiful flat Stomach.
Normally your belly never get a job to do unless just storing food but in ab crunches your stomach have to do so much work that makes your abs stronger, beautiful and flat.
Well sit-ups exercises are not that power full but you should also try this cause it will help you little bit not so many but you can do at least 50 sit-ups in a day.
Yeah this is also very powerful exercise to get flat stomach and get more stamina to do other exercises longer, skipping is not a boring exercise so you can achieve your flat abs goal easily by using this exercise.
Push-ups is also a great and useful exercise to get flat stomach.
I hope you'll follow this and sooner get Flat Stomach.


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